Good Discovery(s) Repeat Entrepreneur Jeffrey Miller on Establishing Cincinnati as a Food Innovation Hub

Jeffrey Miller, a former People’s Liberty grantee and recipient of of a Cincy Green Umbrella ‘Save the Food’ grant,’ says creating a summit to help celebrate the artists and creatives making a positive impact in food was on his ‘to-do’ list. His goal is nothing less than establishing Cincinnati as a food innovation hub.

One Day spent with Sergio Marchionne Delivers Lifetime of Inspiration

Sergio Marchionne, chairman and CEO of the Chrysler Group and CEO of Fiat S.P.A.

I remember my time spent with Sergio for the Fast Company story, ‘We’re Detroit Kids,’ well, as being a lot like Sergio. Fast-paced. High Energy. Constant Movement. I also remember the trio of Detroit-based, automobile industry reporters staying focused on labor issues, while I spoke to Marchionne in Columbus, Ohio about the workplace culture impact of Chrysler’s famous Super Bowl ads ‘Imported from Detroit’ and ‘Halftime in America.’