Podcast Creation Use Case

Steve Ramos Media Podcast Products and Services.

Background & Preconditions:

Customers believe they’re ready to launch a podcast and identify the ‘why’ for podcasting.

Customers & Leads:

Steve Ramos Media podcasting customers are artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders and technologists.

Needs & Problems:

Artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders and technologists have concepts, ideas, and customer stories to support a podcast series. They need content experience, distribution services, production support, and scripting experience to produce a high-quality podcast series compelling to advertisers, agents, audiences, and sponsors.


SR Media customers aim to grow their businesses and communities of supporters via podcasts. Our customers want to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industries. They see podcasts as assets for differentiating themselves and their businesses from competitors. Podcasts help generate qualified leads and sales for the podcaster’s businesses. Podcasts also support business content assets like speaking engagements, book deals, and curriculum.

Products & Solutions:

Brand Strategy Kit for Podcasters

Grow your brand. Craft your Voice, Value, and Purpose. Attract more advertisers and audiences to your podcast.

Podcast Communications Guide

Gain the communications assets and strategy to attract advertisers and listeners.

Podcast Content Creation Package

Gain the content marketing tools to attract advertisers and grow your brand.

Storybuilding Guide for Podcasters

Craft a podcast as unique as your story. Gain the marketing tools to grow your brand.

Craft a book as unique as your story. Gain the marketing tools to grow your brand.

Podcast Audience Profile

Connect with audience values and purpose. Gain the marketing tools to attract listeners and grow your brand.

Podcaster Profile

Share a story as unique as your podcast. Gain the storytelling tools to craft your voice and grow your brand.

Podcaster Story Kits

Gain the media relations assets to grow your brand.

Sonic Branding

Gain the original audio content to craft your Brand Voice and Values.


Gain distribution platforms to attract listeners.

Production Strategy

Gain professional tools and expert advice to prepare and record podcast episodes.


Brand and Communications Strategies.

Design thinking workshops and interviews.

Media Relations Campaigns

Media Monitoring


Once an aspiring podcaster collaborates with SR Media on the Brand assets supporting the podcast, they quickly become a podcast client. Customers believe they’re ready launch a podcast when they identify the genre and carve out the necessary resources. Steve Ramos Media collaborates with qualified leads on design thinking workshops to co-discover the ‘why’ for launching a podcast.

Conclusions & Deliverables:




Ad Spots


Script Templates

Brand Voice

Brand Value

Brand Positioning

Brand Messaging

Brand Expression

Media Relations Kit

Media Relations Tips

FAQ Pages

Get-in-Touch Pages

About Pages



Tip Sheets


Additional Benefits:

Stronger Audience Relationships

Comprehensive Content Strategy

Increased Productivity:

Social Listening

Improved Quality:

Brand Management

High-quality Voice & Tone

Exceptional Interviews

Normal Flow:

Steve Ramos Media podcast customers participate in a multi-month curriculum involving design sprints, interviews, and phases of work, resulting in a compelling podcast.

Alternative Flow:

Steve Ramos Media podcast customers may break the podcast production into special miniseries. The Steve Ramos Media podcast creation process supports customers who need to pause the project between seasons.