Author: Steve Ramos

Steve Ramos is a national, award-winning journalist whose advocacy of independent and art cinema has made him one of America's leading critical voices. His work has appeared in numerous publications including Boxoffice, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Movie, New York, Screen Daily and indieWire among others. In 2001, Ramos broke the story of a Cincinnati art-house theater snipping a sex scene from director Wayne Wang's "The Center of the World," which led the theater owner to ban him indefinitely from the theater. Ramos has programmed for film non-profits like 92Y Tribeca in order to bring independent film to larger audiences. He earned a BA in Philosophy from Xavier University and makes his home in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife and son.

Good Discovery(s) Repeat Entrepreneur Jeffrey Miller on Establishing Cincinnati as a Food Innovation Hub

Jeffrey Miller, a former People’s Liberty grantee and recipient of of a Cincy Green Umbrella ‘Save the Food’ grant,’ says creating a summit to help celebrate the artists and creatives making a positive impact in food was on his ‘to-do’ list. His goal is nothing less than establishing Cincinnati as a food innovation hub.