The Morning Feed: Morrissey Wants His Biography Published as a ‘Classic’

Singer Morrissey finds himself in the desirable position of having major publishers compete for the right to publish his memoirs detailing the history of his former band The Smiths.

Morrisey, 51, has concerns beyond which publisher will pay him the most money for his life’s tale. According to The Independent, he’s asking Penguin to immediately publish it as a Penguin Classic similar to the life stories of Gandhi and Malcolm X.

‘I’d like it to go to Penguin but only if they published it as a Classic, Morrissey told Radio 4. “I can’t see why not – a contemporary Penguin Classic. When you consider what really hits print these days and when you look at the autobiographies and how they are sold, most of it is appalling. It’s a publishing event, not a literary event.”

Meanwhile, formers Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr also has a competing book about the inside story of The Smiths that’s making the rounds of publishers.

Alec Baldwin remains as busy as ever with film and TV work but his most unique gig to date may be his turn as Hamlet’s murdered father in show called 3D Hamlet: A Lost Generation at Edenburgh’s upcoming Fringe Festival.

According to The Guardian, Baldwin’s performance for the New York-based Fundamental Theater Project will be a 3D projection of previously filmed material due to scheduling issues that prevent him from being in Edinburgh.

Baldwin’s projection shares the stage with the flesh-and-blood Kate Mulgrew as Gertrude and Anthony Rapp and Sam Underwood taking turns as Shakespeare’s famous Danish prince.

Mel Gibson understands that he needs to talk about his controversial legal troubles with former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva with his new movie The Beaver in theaters May 6. Fans may be surprised that Gibson passed more traditional outlets like People and Vanity Fair for the online trade Deadline to talk matter-of-factly about Grigorieva’s accusations, his settlement and how he responds to people who consider him a racist due to the taped fights between he and Grigorieva.

“I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion or sexuality — period,” Gibson said. “I don’t blame some people for thinking that though, from the garbage they heard on those leaked tapes, which have been edited.”

In the first good news to hit the troubled Broadway production Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, injured actor Christopher Tierney plans to return to rehearsals Monday and resume his role with the show.

It’s been close to four months since Tierney, 31, fell twenty feet into the orchestra pit and broke several ribs.

“His back is fine,” producer Michael Cohl told The New York Post.

Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is on hiatus while its new director revamps the show for a scheduled return June 14.

That’s plenty of time for Tierney to continue healing and be back on-stage.



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