The Morning Feed: Get Ready for ‘Dead Island’ the Movie

A story in today’s New York Post once again proved that Reality TV stars have become the “it” celebrities these days. Camille Grammer, ex-wife of Frasier lead Kesley Grammer and star of the reality show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills joins CNN’s Showbiz Tonight as a fashion commentator for their pre-Oscar special. Let’s see if Camille can be as bitchy as red carpet queen Joan Rivers.

London’s The Sun reported that Glenn Close signed-on to play singing sensation and reality star Susan Boyle in an upcoming biopic about the talent show star. Granted, Close proved in the past her chameleon talents but playing Boyle might be a stretch.

According to London’s Guardian, a man was shot dead in a cinema in the Latvian city of Riga reportedly for chomping too loudly on his popcorn during a showing of Black Swan. The shooter, a graduate of the Riga police academy, was arrested afterwards. Still waiting for confirmation on the scene the man interrupted with fatal consequences.

Just days after the trailer for the upcoming video game Dead Island, about a family battling zombies at a resort, generated plenty of attention, the L.A. Times reported that The Mummy producer Sean Daniel and his partners at Union Entertainment acquired the rights to the to-be-released video game in 2009. Talk about being ahead of the cure or maybe it’s a matter of sensing the success of the Cable TV drama The Walking Dead.

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