“The Original Feed” is a storytelling hub sharing culture reporting and advocacy for civic-minded artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists impacting their communities for good. Be inspired! Join our community of artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists making an impact with their products, projects, and services.

Founded in 2015, “The Original Feed” shares stories to a growing community across various platforms. These platforms include newsletters, social media channels, and a popular website.

“The Original Feed” is part of Steve Ramos Media, a content marketing and product management consultancy that takes companies to the next level. Steve Ramos Media also includes Good Discovery(s), a civic design festival, and PoD Discovery(s), a summit celebrating content creators using frontier technology to impact the world of podcasting.

Visit steveramosmedia.com for more information. Contact: steve@steveramosmedia.com or 513-295.4488

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