Good Discovery(s) Diaries, June 4, 2021.

Aneesh Chopra, Co-founder, and President, CareJourney, is working to standardize health data. It will impact our lives for the better.

Aneesh Chopra, Co-founder and President, CareJourney, speaks about standardizing health data at the Matter Health Tales from the Trenches series.

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What I’m Streaming: Matter Health Tales from the Trenches. Aneesh Chopra, Co-founder, and President, CareJourney 

Aneesh Chopra, Co-founder and President of CareJourney, a health analytics company, talks with Mike Roberts, Chief Technology Officer, VillageMD, about standardizing health data to make a positive impact on people’s lives and reduce healthcare costs. Members of the Matter Collaborative, a community of healthcare startups and corporate partners, focus on Chopra’s work implementing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FIHR) and removing barriers to healthcare data. Chopra and Roberts are committed to providing products and services that enable consumers to make the best healthcare decisions. They also have core advice to share with all entrepreneurs and startup founders. Impactful change takes time. 

“Change takes time. You’ll see the impact in years. The goal is to plant seeds.” – Aneesh Chopra, Co-founder, and President, CareJourney

Dr. Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Business School speaks on the importance of social experiences.

What I’m Learning: Reconvene By Eventbrite: Journalist Katie Couric speaks with Dr. Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Business School on the importance of social experiences, connecting, and humor

Dr. Jennifer Aaker, a behavioral scientist and Stanford Business School professor, joins journalist and producer Katie Couric for an interview on the importance of reconnecting in real life (IRL) as vaccinations increase in the United States. Aaker tells Couric during the virtual Reconvene summit that the goal is for people to show up more humanly and see the humanity in others. Aaker and Couric agree that many people, especially women, are experiencing the impact of job loss from Coronavirus. Others are pivoting and igniting new chapters post-Coronavirus. Aaker’s advice is to ask what makes you happy and what you find meaningful. It’s also essential to take advantage of recent social gatherings to share laughter with other people.

“Moments, when you laugh together, are ingrained in our brain. When I asked couples how happy they are in their relationships, if they remember the laughter, they are 23% happier.” –      Dr. Jennifer Aaker of Stanford Business School

What I’m Sharing: AXS Film Fund Launches to Support Creators of Color with Disabilities

AXS Film Fund supports creators of color having disabilities in documentary filmmaking and nonfiction new media. AXS Film Fund, led by Founder and President Jason DaSilva, will award five creators with grants up to $10,000 per project. Applications are open for submission through September 3, 2021. Click here to submit an entry.

News: United Airlines plans to buy supersonic jets that use sustainable fuel

The next chapter in supersonic commercial air travel is underway, with United Airlines ordering 15 jets from Boom Supersonic, an aviation startup based in Denver. In addition to their superfast travel times, Boom and its partner Rolls-Royce promises engines that use sustainable aviation fuel made from waste and plants. It looks to be a bold next step in aviation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in jet travel. 

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