This Week on Podcasts June 1, 2021

Learn from experienced entrepreneurs transforming healthcare via “The Matter Health Podcast.”

Chicago’s MATTER Healthcare Collaborative is a community of more than 200 health tech startups.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, but healthcare providers’ excellent work on mental healthcare continues year-round. Podcasts provide 24/7 opportunities for guided sleep, meditation, and stress relief. You may also discover new healthcare products and projects to make you happier and healthier. Our experiences throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic remind us of the importance of mental health and the hard work required to maintain good mental health. Entering the After-Coronavirus Era, I expect more people to listen to mental health podcasts to help to sustain healthy and holistic lifestyles.

“The Matter Health Podcast” shares stories from entrepreneurs working to transform healthcare.

What I’m Streaming: The Matter Health Podcast – Tales from the Trenches

Are you a designer, entrepreneur, or technologist inspired to solve healthcare challenges? Chicago’s MATTER Healthcare Collaborative is a community of more than 200 startups and 60 corporate partners building innovative healthcare products and services. The Matter Health Podcast shares stories from experienced entrepreneurs and healthcare thought leaders like Matt Omernick, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Akili Interactive Labs. Akili is a Boston-based biotechnology startup providing clinically-validated cognitive therapeutics and assessments and diagnostics that look and feel like video games.

There’s a story behind every health care innovator. It’s inspiring to dive into the MATTER Healthcare community and learn how Omernick and his Akili Interactive Labs colleagues design prescription video games to treat ADHD.

Host Jemele Hill is a 2021 Webby Award winner for her interview podcast “Jemele Hill is Unbothered.”

What I’m Streaming: Jemele Hill Is Unbothered

The 2021 Webby Awards recognizes the Spotify podcast “Jemele Hill is Unbothered,” a recently launched news podcast featuring cultural critic and journalist Jemele Hill and co-hosts interviewing thought leaders in the worlds of entertainment, politics, and sports. Fans of Hill’s work at ESPN know she’s an expert interviewer. Hill exceeds all expectations on “Unbothered,” an intelligent look at current issues and the first in a network of Black Women-led podcasts Hill plans to build at Spotify.

The six-part Wondery series “Dying for Sex’ was named podcast of the year at the inaugural Podcast Academy Awards.

Podcast News: Dying for Sex named podcast of the year at Podcast Academy inaugural awards 

After forming in early 2020, the Podcast Academy announced their inaugural awards on May 16, with the six-part Wondery series “Dying for Sex” named the year’s best podcast. Host Nikki Boyer shares stories with her friend Molly Kochan, who replaced an unsatisfying marriage with a journey of sexual discoveries.

Listeners will be upset to learn that Kochan passed in March 2019 at age 45 from breast cancer. However, the podcast “Dying for Sex” and Kochan’s posthumous memoir keep her storytelling alive.

Congratulations to all Podcast Academy nominees and winners, including “I’m Not a Monster (Best Documentary), “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend” (Best Comedy), and “The Heist” (Best Busines). 

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