This Week on Podcasts May 3, 2021

Support diverse podcasters like Pakastani/American creator Misha Euceph, host of the “Tell Them, I Am” podcast.

Pakastani/American creator and host Misha Euceph interviews Muslim activists and artists for the “Tell Them, I Am” podcast.

Consumers are finding new sources for entertainment and information, and shopping. They may remain inside their homes due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. They may have two vaccine shots in their arms and be ready to re-ignite recreational routines. They’re turning to audio-first storytelling like podcasts for social recommendations and talk about movies, restaurants, and travel destinations. Podcasts offer audible connectivity and informed storytelling, valuable qualities during Coronavirus, and equally beneficial for the After Coronavirus economy.

What I’m Streaming: Tell Them, I Am

Increasing diversity continues to be an essential value in the world of podcasting. As podcasts become more accessible and affordable to produce, minority voices need to play more significant roles. Let’s pledge to become advocates for diverse podcast creators. I’m listening to Season 2 of “Tell Them, I Am,” a Higher Ground/Spotify series about the small but impactful moments in our lives shared by Muslim activists and artists. It’s inspirational storytelling from Pakastani/American creator and host Misha Euceph

Clinical psychologost Dr. Wendy Mogel sits down with a different set of parents for her weekly podcast “Nurture vs Nurture.”

What I’m Streaming: Nurture vs Nurture

Chances are you, or someone you know, are feeling stressed and anxious about the Coronavirus Pandemic. Thankfully, there are growing options for on-demand digital support. There are smartphone apps. There’s also a growing number of mental health podcasts like “Nurture vs Nurture” with clinical psychologist Dr. Wendy Mogel. “Nurture vs Nurture” comes from Armchair Umbrella, the podcast network from Dax Shepard. It’s an intelligent and thoughtful companion podcast to Shepard’s “Armchair Expert.” I’m excited to hear more episodes from Mogel. 

Behind the Pods: Anthony Fauci criticizes Joe Rogan Over Anti-Vaccine Talk.

Anthony Fauci calls Joe Rogan’s recommendation that healthy young adults skip vaccines incorrect and selfish. Rogan’s news-making comments earn criticisms from other media celebrities, including John Oliver. Choose your side.

Podcast News: SiriusXM plans to acquire 99% Invisible Inc.

Roman Mars, the founder of the podcast 99% Invisible, is a thought leader in audio-first storytelling. Mars and his creative team look to gain new resources with SiriusXM acquiring Mars’s company 99% Invisible Inc.

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