Documentary ‘InstaBand’ delivers inspiration to bands and fans in the streaming era

What’s a band to do in the Post-Album Era? Documentary InstaBand shows the way.

Documentary InstaBand delivers inspiration to bands and fans in the streaming era.

The majority of cinemas near my Cincinnati home and office remain closed. I’m looking forward to returning to theaters soon in a safe manner. In the meantime, I’m streaming independent movies that otherwise would be pushed aside by the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe releases. The time of Corona can be a time for discoveries for movie fans.

One indie documentary I’ve been watching, InstaBAND, takes a grounded look at the streaming biz and how it’s eating the music industry alive. What’s a band to do when album sales and label deals evaporate? How can artists earn money and keep making music? InstaBAND filmmaker and producer Bob Rose and co-writer Margaret Rose show the way via engaging artist journeys from Roots rockers Forest Fire Gospel Choir (FFGC) to Blues duo, the Ries Brothers, and EDM artist Adara.

Rose replaces the classic format of face-the-camera interviews with fly-on-the-wall storytelling, home studio visits,  and mosh pit cinematography. The results are a low-fi, day-in-the-lives music doc that syncs well with the musicians’ day-to-day hustle.  

Industry trends are well-known. Record sales are dropping. Record stores are closing. Streaming is eating radio. Labels are launching streaming services, and streaming services are starting music labels. Music is just one piece of ever-expanding tech bundles.

There are plenty of opportunities in an industry with an estimated 19.1 billion in global recorded music revenues, but there are also challenges.

InstaBAND shifts away from these industry trends by spotlighting music artists hustling to achieve stardom in a streaming world that no longer buy music. Their stories provide fellow musicians and fans with much-needed inspiration.

Bob Rose, an experienced documentary filmmaker, captures the non-stop hustle building a community of fans. He also shows that sometimes, the hustle is not enough.

It’s the post-album era of music, and artists are discovering new ways to share music via branding and social media.

The holy grail is a new music format that delivers excitement to fans and revenue to bands. That sounds like the perfect subject for InstaBand 2.

InstaBAND, from Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios Company. is available via VOD platforms and Blu-ray and DVD release starting July 28, 2020

Cast: Adara, Paul McDonald, and the Nappy Roots,

Cinematographer: Bob Rose

Producers: Andrew Cyman, Bob Rose, and Margaret Rose

Director: Bob Rose

Editor: Bob RoseRating: Unrated

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