The San Francisco Art Institute is a Coronavirus Fatality

The Creative Economy continues to take hits from Coronavirus.

The San Francisco Art Institute is closing its doors for good after 150 years of inspiring artists.

The Festival de Cannes Team cancels the Cannes International Film Festival from its scheduled dates of May 12 to 23, 2020.

Close to my Cincinnati base, the 2020 Good Discovery(s) civic design festival cancels due to the spread of COVID-19.

These are just a handful of growing hits to the creative economy and the International Creative Calendar from Coronavirus.

Thought leaders in event and experience industries continue to debate between postponement and cancellations. If you lean towards postponements, when is a safe time to welcome large communities to gather together? If you lean towards a 2020 cancellation, are you passing an opportunity to reignite the event business during a critical year?

I agree with NYT writer Kevin Rose. Our lives in the time of Corona offer opportunities to ignite connectivity with our digital tools. During Corona, there are opportunities to test virtual versions of creative festivals. Libraries and art museums are making digital archives and exhibitions available. On March 31, the Her Future Summit delivers digital panels, workshops, and roundtable sessions to a global audience. After Corona, experience designers will have new goals for balancing offline and onsite programs with online and virtual agendas.

Our creative lives in the time of Corona demand commitments to grow our communities during a time of social distancing and shelter in place restrictions. Our artistic goals include designing and implementing new connectivity tools.  

Connectivity across art communities will increase our abilities to support each other. We want creative festivals from Cannes to Tribeca to return stronger. We want to provide support to the San Francisco Art Institute, and, perhaps, prevent their closing.

Let’s amplify the voices of artists and cultural leaders to gain access to relief funds. Share your calls for action and stories of creative growth in challenging times. Stay tuned to this column for more stories across our Art Land.

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