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The Week’s Top Genre News

While a digital media client passed on this weekly column of top genre (superhero, horror, fantasy) stories, I like the idea enough to use it for my own blog. Tights & Masks aims to be a weekly dashboard that gathers, curates and shares interesting genre news. Considering Hollywood’s fixation on all things superhero, expect a seemingly endless stream of coverage, well, on a weekly basis.

Super Bowl 50 movie trailer highlights include new spots for X-Men: Apocalypse (super busy), Independence Day: Resurgence (busy) and Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, hands down the best of the superhero sneak peeks.

Yet, the most interesting of the spots belong to the Turkish Airlines Fly to Gotham City and Fly to Metropolis spots in support of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m a fan of smart branded content; so I actually like these spots as much as mainstream trailers.

Toys become heroes with Frozen animator Lino Di Salvo on board to direct Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels, a $75-million animated feature based on the global toy brand. Check out the full Variety report.

Fans of the YA fantasy series Divergent are disappointed by the news that director Robert Schwentke decided to exit the franchise and pass on directing the final installment, Ascendant. Hollywood Reporter coverage emphasizes the urgency for Lionsgate/Summit leadership to find Schwentke’s replacement with plans for Ascendant to open June 9, 2017.

Meanwhile, Allegiant, the third film in the Divergent series, with Schwentke in the director’s chair, opens March 18.

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