The Morning Feed: CBS Casts Brandon T. Jackson in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Pilot

Comic Brandon T. Jackson, seen here in 'Fast & Furious,' joins 'Beverly Hills Cop' pilot as Axel Foley Jr.

The fall 2012 TV Season continued to unfold but CBS made news with its plans for fall 2013. EW’s Lynette Rice reported on comic Brandon T. Jackson stepping into the super-sized shoes of Eddie Murphy to play wisecracking cop Axel Foley Jr. in the sitcom Beverly Hills Cop.

According to CBS, Jackson, familiar to audiences of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Fast & Furious, signed on to play the cop son of Murphy’s Axel Foley who tries to do his job and at the same time rise above the long shadow of his famous father. Murphy signed on to executive produce as well as reprise his famous role in the pilot episode.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the most anticipated awards season news, well, at least in the wordsmith community. Katherine Martin of Oxford University Press USA confirmed to L.A. Times reporter Deborah Netburn that the U.S. dictionaries team chose the verb GIF, meaning to create a GIF file of an image or video, as the word of the year.

“There were lots of contenders related to words that had been in the news like “self-deportation” and “pink slime,”” Martin told the L.A. Times. “GIF transcended any particular event and spoke to an overall trend of how we consume media.”

As far as the correct pronunciation of GIF, Martin confirmed that the Oxford Dictionary approved both the soft G and hard G versions of saying GIF.

Apple’s recently launched iPad Mini continued to attract new shoppers to its already busy retail stories and the New York-based research firm Retail Sails confirmed just how busy Apple shops continue to be by ranking them no. 1 among all retailers at $6,050 per square feet in their 2012 Chain Store Productivity Guide.

Retail Sails ranked Tiffany & Co. no. 2 followed by lululemon athletica and Coach. Retail Sails also offered another retail fact that might surprise fans of online shopping. Brick-and-mortar stores produced over 90% of retail sails in the United States; meaning we like to hit the stores more than simply surf the net when it comes to purchasing.

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