The Morning Feed: Dan Savage’s Sex Advice Show ‘Savage U’ Makes Its MTV Premiere

Dan Savage and producer Lauren Hutchinson meet with college students on the MTV sex advice show 'Savage U'

Veteran sex advice columnist and author Dan Savage joins the MTV community; a pop culture village populated by the Jersey Shore clan; the high school-based monsters of Teen Wolf and the reality show craziness of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Savage U, a sex advice show from Savage, is a tried and true format of Savage visiting various college campuses and holding question and answer sessions with students; all with the help of his loyal producer Lauren Hutchinson.

Based on last night’s premiere episode, Savage’s wit and good humor sync perfectly with his college-age audiences desperate for his respectful advice about sex and relationships.

Will MTV entice Savage to consider some crossover promotions with their other franchises? Think about it: Dan Savage sitting down with the cast of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant.

A sincere south-of-the-border cheer and raising of the glasses to the staff at Maisonneuve, the Canadian quarterly magazine of Arts, Opinion & Ideas and digital site that celebrates its Tenth Anniversary Issue this month.

These continue to be tumultuous times in media, both in North America and all around the world, but the Montreal-based editorial staff and their all-across-Canada contributors prove that small-magazine publishing can succeed when quality writing and design are priorities.

“It’s not easy to publish an esoteric general-interest magazine in Canada, or an Anglophone magazine in Montreal, writes editor-in-chief Drew Nelles on the Maisonneuve website. “But, despite all the apocalyptic talk of the death of print, Maisonneuve is thriving. And we’re so happy to be celebrating ten years.”

A launch party for the tenth anniversary issue takes place April 10 at the Ossington in Toronto and a $5 ticket gets you a copy of the magazine. Fans abroad will have to figure out a way to celebrate on their own, maybe drinking a cold martini and reciting a favorite Maisonneuve column.

Sibling actresses and co-designers Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen celebrate the arrival of the spring line of their lifestyle brand Elizabeth and James at Barneys CO-OP with an interview at Barneys The Window blog.

The Olsen Twins — Does anyone even call them that anymore? — use the opportunity to focus on the detail to attention they give to each garment and describe their line in their own words.

“Elizabeth and James is a playful balance of masculine and feminine,” Mary-Kate tells The Window. “For spring, we strike the balance with bright tailored suiting, menswear-inspired shirting in delicate silks and prints and touch on the pajama and athletic trends.”

Since Elizabeth and James is a creative extension of their own selves, Mary-Kate’s description of an Elizabeth and James girl is basically a description of her sister and herself.

“The Elizabeth and James girl is consciuous of the trends but does not let them rule her wardrobe,” Mary-Kate adds. “She mixes high with low, basic with intricate and invests in pieces that easily transition from day to night.”

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