The Morning Feed: Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim Free After 36 Hours in Cairo Prison

Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim is free after spending 36 hours in a Cairo prison following her arrest while covering Egypt's political protests.

Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim is free this weekend after spending 36 hours in Cairo’s Tora prison on charges of throwing Molotov cocktails and destroying public property while covering Egypt’s political protests.

Noujaim, who co-directed the documentary, about the rise and fall of a new media company, and directed Control Room, about the Al-Jazeera broadcast network, explains to NBC News why the Egyptian charges are false.

“If I throw a rock I’d hit the back of the head of the protestor in front of me,” Noujaim says via The Hollywood Reporter. “That claim was ridiculous and yet I was in prison for 36 hours because of it.”

Noujaim’s arrest by Egyptian authorities follows 10 months of on-ground reporting for a documentary about Egypt’s revolution. Noujain credits the extensive media coverage of her arrest for expediting her release.

“If that happens to me, imagine what happens to a kid who gets picked up off the street who doesn’t have all of these connections.”

More importantly, despite her arrest, Noujaim remains optimistic about Egypt’s chances at democracy.

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