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The Morning Feed: Anish Kapoor Wants World’s Museums To Close For One Day To Support Ai Weiwei

May 10, 2011

Indian artist Anish Kapoor prepared the unveiling of his towering new sculpture Leviathan for the Monumenta 2011 exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris and used the opportunity to speak on behalf of imprisoned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei.

Weiwei, 53, was last seen when policed stopped him from boarding a flight at Beijing airport April 3.

According to The Telegraph, Kapoor urged the world’s museums to close for one day in a unified protest of Weiwei’s imprisonment.

“As artists we have a communal voice and it’s important that we stick together,” Kapoor said.

Kapoor went on to describe Leviathan, on display at the Grand Palais through June 23, as an “attempt to turn the building inside out.” He also spoke highly of Weiwei’s work.

“He’s made it clear that every life matters. Surely that’s the right thing to do. Surely that’s what we all should believe in.”

Actor Hugh Jackman also donated his time, energy and worldwide celebrity to a good cause. The Wolverine star and Broadway song-and-dance man filmed a PSA encouraging people to take part in the Live Below the Line campaign from the Global Poverty Project.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Jackman asked people to go an entire work week spending less than $1.50 U.S. on food in order to experience the type of impoverished life shared by many people around the world.

“This is an incredible campaign that really gives us the chance to understand the realities of extreme poverty,” said Jackman, who’s also on the board for the Global Poverty Project.

Google recently announced plans to expand their headquarters via a new 10-acre campus in Mountain View, CA. Public art fans celebrated Google’s decision to hire German architect firm Ingenhoven to design the new campus. Founder Christoph Ingenhoven and his firm designed some of Europes most interesting projects including Stuttgart’s main station, which can be seen in a photo gallery at Gizmodo.

Missed the most recent Saturday Night Live (SNL) with Tina Fey hosting? The fine folks at Pitchfork posted the funniest bit from the show, a digital short from the comedy team The Lonely Island (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone) featuring guest artist Michael Bolton belting “Jack Sparrow,” a song inspired by Bolton’s love for the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Let’s hope the newest movie in the Pirates franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is as clever.

The Morning Feed: Robert De Niro Back With Martin Scorsese for ‘The Irishman’

March 7, 2011

Film buffs jumped for joy at the news that Robert De Niro agreed to re-team with his Taxi Driver and Raging Bull director Martin Scorsese for The Irishman, a drama about a union leader who becomes a hit man. According to London’s Independent, De Niro said the film’s based on a novel by Charles Brandt with Steve Zallian writing the script.

“It’s about a guy who is, and I believe the book says he’s now passed away, but he confessed that he killed Hoffa and also Joe Gallo over here on Hester Street,” De Niro said. “And so I’m going to play that character and Joe Pesci’s gonna be in it and Al Pacino is going to be in it and Marty’s going to direct it.”

The Irishman, set to begin production later this year, would be the ninth collaboration between De Niro and Scorese.

On the subject of veteran filmmakers, Woody Allen confirmed that his next movie (storyline and title under wraps, of course) would be shot in Rome this summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 75-year-old Allen recently shot films in London (You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger), Barcelona (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and Paris (Midnight in Paris).

“I love these sophisticated cities and it’s fantastic to have the possibility to work there,” Allen said in a recent interview. “Each time it is for me like a declaration of love for a certain place. I try to project my feelings for places that are important to me onto the big screen.”

Gwyneth Paltrow continued talks for a record deal and The New York Post reported that the 38-year-old actress is close to signing with Atlantic Records. After showcasing her singing pipes at the Grammys, the Oscars and two episodes of Glee, Paltrow planned to record a Country Western album as a follow-up to her singing in the film Country Strong.

Charlie Sheen kept his picture in the papers via his public approval of the recent SNL skit with Bill Hader playing Sheen as a crazed talk show host. Perhaps Hader’s comic spin inspired Sheen to host his own bizarre webcasts called Sheen’s Korner. Meanwhile, actor Bradley Cooper shattered rumors that Sheen would make a cameo in The Hangover 2 for the simple fact that shooting already ended on the movie.

“It’s an interesting thing to start spreading,” Cooper told People. “You would have to part of the Starship Enterprise in order to make that happen.”

Clearly, nobody told Cooper that as a “Rock Star From Mars,” Sheen can make just about anything happen.


7 Days of Oscar: James Franco is Oscar Host and Possible Winner

February 22, 2011

I’ve written James Franco’s lead joke to be delivered as he takes the stage with Anne Hathaway as co-hosts of the 83rd Academy Awards Sunday night.

Staring deep into the teleprompter, Franco smiles and says, “People think that standing here hosting the Oscars is nerve-racking and wonder how I can possibly keep it together. Well, after cutting off my arm as rock climber Aron Ralston in my movie 127 Hours, standing here with Anne feels easy and breezy.” Franco then winks, pulls out a pocketknife and pliers and recreates the harrowing scene from his Oscar-nominated film.

It could happen. Really. In a year where Franco is busy doing just about everything — directing a documentary about SNL, purchasing the rights to Stephen Elliot’s book The Adderall Diaries via his production company Rabbit Bandini and creating visual arts installations in addition to acting in big-budget features as well as indie films — it makes sense for the 32-year-old actor to co-host the Oscars and stamp the ceremony with his irreverent spirit.

In director Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, nominated for a Best Picture Oscar among others, Franco delivers some of his best work as Ralston, an energetic twenty-something whose weekend excursion in the Utah canyons turns deadly when his arm becomes trapped against a half-ton boulder.

For Franco, nominated for Actor in a Leading Role, he continues to credit Ralston for not only inspiring his performance but also making it possible.

“The first time I met Aron in L.A. he brought a tape that had all the videos he made in that canyon,” Franco said, speaking earlier at the Toronto International Film Festival. “That’s gold for an actor. I got to see him in that situation…when I saw him in those videos he had no idea he was going to get out. It was incredibly powerful.”

Of course, there are no guarantees that Franco will win an Oscar. If he does, nobody will criticize his victory. His performance is that exceptional.

The Oscars, co-hosted by Franco and Hathaway, air 8 p.m. EST Sunday on ABC.